chaga Men Advice – How to Keep a Guy Interested in You

By reading this article you are probably asking yourself how to keep a guy interested in you. It might seem like no matter how nice or attractive you are, you can never keep him interested in keeping a relationship with you. Maybe you were friends for the longest time and he never made the move to romance with you. There is a way to keep a guy interested in you if you recognize that there are certain things women can do to keep their men interested.

Being nice doesn’t really work when you are learning how to get keep a guy interested in you. You can try too hard and he will know it immediately. This will also immediately turn him off. Laughing at his jokes and making sure he is happy and has everything he wants and needs is trying too hard. He will definitely take notice. He’ll think you’re needy. The following qualities are the ones that most men have in common in the women they are searching for.

1) Physical health as far as attractiveness will get men interested. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be perfect and beautiful. Men like women who give a positive energy in their body language.

2) Men often tease their girls for being too serious or dramatic. They look for emotional well-being in their women. Seeming to be needy or emotionally unstable will only run your man out the door.

3) The third quality of how to keep a guy interested is having a sense of humor. This is usually the most important quality that men look for in their women. A sense of humor brings positive energy to the relationship. It also shows that you are level headed and are able to make fun of things without being indecent.

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