Simple Tips to Keep Your Leadership on the Top

Every successful organization depends on the ability of the leader to plan, control and organize the various resources at his/her disposal. For effective leadership, the following traits are important to your success and to avoid unnecessary problems.

To begin you must be thorough and detailed. All the people working under you must be able to perceive what is required of them without any difficulty. Policies that are clear and concise make far better impression than those that are unintelligent and unclear. For example, do not just say ‘I am your boss and you have to follow what I say’. Instead, make your subordinates understand their responsibilities in the organization and what is expected of them. It is also important to let them own up the company and by this they will involuntarily respect the management.

Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Many leaders try to withhold important information that might be damaging to their chances of achievement. Your juniors will work best if they know that they are serving under a honest and a reliable leader. Tell the truth; anyway, as otherwise you are likely to reap deceit from employees, discord and loss of your rightful accomplishment.

Always be courteously assertive. You must be polite but stand up to what you think is right. The flip side of the coin to the last point is for you to be courteously assertive with your subordinates.

Remember that you must do your homework. If you feel that they are not do it right, do not be afraid of digging in and doing a littler homework to prove that you are right.

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