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How To Go From Calorie Clueless To Calorie Competent

How To Go From Calorie Clueless To Calorie Competent By Tom Venuto Why is it that any time you hear the words “calorie counting” or “food journaling”, people start running for the hills? If creating menus, counting calories and keeping a food journal are research-proven, effective tools for nutrition awareness, education, motivation and accountability […] Continue reading

Nutrition Label Lies & Loopholes – Serving Size Sleight of Hand

Nutrition Label Lies & Loopholes: Serving Size Sleight of Hand By Tom Venuto For years, concerned consumers and watchdog organizations have been screaming that the U.S. labeling laws are full of loopholes and in need of serious revision. After years of talk, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says they’re planning to so something […] Continue reading

Once an Endomorph Always an Endomorph – Can Your Body Type Change?

Once an Endomorph Always an Endomorph? (Can Your Body Type Change?) By Tom Venuto Are you an ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph body type? To maximize your results, regardless of whether your goal is fat loss or muscle gain, it’s helpful to know your body type and adjust your approach according to your type. But […] Continue reading

Its Not About the Body Fat

It’s Not About the Body Fat By Tom Venuto How they lost 100 lbs or more is a topic that always gets a lot of attention and is very popular in the media. Whenever someone loses a lot of weight, there is always buzz from those who were inspired by hearing about these huge […] Continue reading

An Insanely Effective Type of Interval Training

An Insanely Effective Type of Interval Training By Tom Venuto High intensity interval training can be done in a variety of different ways. Here’s a wickedly-effective type of interval training: it requires no machines or fancy equipment, you can do it outside in the sunshine and fresh air, it develops killer conditioning, carves out […] Continue reading

The Truth About Fast Weight Loss

The Truth About Fast Weight Loss By Tom Venuto WEIGHT LOSS POP QUIZ: What are 3 things that ALL 8 of these advertisements have in common? “Burn 30 lbs in 3 weeks – no diet!” “Lose 9 Pounds Every 11 Days!” “Lose a pound a day without diet or exercise!” “Lose 2 pounds a […] Continue reading

The See-Food – Reach-Food Diet

The See-Food, Reach-Food Diet By Tom Venuto You’ve heard of the “See-Food” diet haven’t you? No, that’s not the diet where you load up on fish, lobster, crab and mussels. The See-Food Diet is the one that so many of us crack jokes about – it’s the diet where you eat everything in sight! […] Continue reading

Why Cardio Doesn’t Work For Some People – A NEAT Explanation

Why Cardio Doesn’t Work For Some People – A NEAT Explanation By Tom Venuto At the Burn the Fat Inner Circle member forums, I get a question which comes up with alarming frequency: “Why isn’t my cardio working?” Despite not only doing regular cardio for weeks, but actually increasing the duration of her workouts, […] Continue reading

Any other good stomach fat loss Exercises? – Yahoo! Answers

Hello, what is the quickest way to loose body fat I have recently become a little heavy and so far I have been doing exorcise recently and not have had very good …… Continue reading

Belly fat increases diabetes risk

New research has demonstrated that a 20-minute workout consisting of 8 seconds of high intensity exercise, followed by 12 seconds of relative recovery resulted in more fat loss than 40 minutes of continuous exercise. This is excellent news as high …S… Continue reading

FTC: Weight Loss Device Reduces Wallet By $250

The bench presses, that is -– and all the other hard work that goes into an effective exercise and fat loss routine. “Just three minutes a day won't make you thin,” the Federal Trade Commission revealed yesterday. In a press conference in Was… Continue reading

free diet plan to lose fat and gain muscle — Best Weight Loss …

free diet plan to lose fat and gain muscle – What is the best weight loss program – and what are the diets that? free diet plan to lose fat and gain… Continue reading

Is there a Magic Pill for Weight Loss?

Fat loss is a ratio of calories in vs. calories out. In order to lose 1lb of fat a week we need to create a caloric deficit of 500 calories per day, a total of 3500 calories per week. Seems easy enough right? Well, the problem is a lot of people think … Continue reading

The Forgotten Keys To Fat Loss | LIVESTRONG.COM

The Forgotten Keys To Fat Loss. Anyone who8217s spent a sleepless night channel surfing or perused the magazine rack in the grocery store can8217t help but ……/557773-the-forgotten-keys-to-fat-loss/ Continue reading

If I’m trying to lose fat, (love handles) should I run more based …

I used to 30-40 min max w/ a break (more based on rate), not really getting results…So running 50 minutes on own pace(no breaks) better for fat loss?… Continue reading

FREE Webinar on the 5 Secrets to Lasting Fat Loss

FREE Webinar on the 5 Secrets to Lasting Fat Loss WOW! Weight Loss is hosting an free online seminar on August 16th. The free seminar will discuss five of the easiest things a person can do to lose fat that the supplement and commercial diet food …Se… Continue reading

New Fat Burning Weight Loss Pill Developed by Professor Emeritus at UT

A recent press release from the University of Tennessee reports that Michael Zemel, a professor emeritus of nutrition at UT in Knoxville, has developed a fat burning weight loss pill called “NuShape” that he claims will drop a women down one dress … Continue reading

Unable to lose fat – Forums

Hi everyone. This is my first post. I need a little help with fat loss. I am 24 yrs old standing 5' 9" tall. I weigh 84 kgs. I have fat on my back, belly, inner thighs and …… Continue reading

Do Fat-Free Foods Help in Weight Loss? / Nutrition

Years ago, the fad was to eat a low in fat diet in order to lose weight. And many people are still under the impression that eating as little fat as possible is the key to shedding the L.B.s, so they buy as many fat-free products as they can.Fitday Art… Continue reading

Final Phase Fat Loss Review Shows the Best Way to Burn Stubborn Fat

There is now a Final Phase Fat Loss review site at that provides additional information on how this plan works and what can be achieved with it. Click here to access the main program site and see testimonials of …Se… Continue reading