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Man, 67, ‘poisoned sick girlfriend with chlorine to take control of her …

A Californian man has been arrested for poisoning his sick girlfriend with chlorine in a bid to take control of her finances. Robert Lewis Lochridge, 67, is charged with attempted murder after he smuggled multiple bottles of water containing dangerous … Continue reading

More people taking ‘health risks’ with food as finances tighten

"Best before” dates only signal how fresh long-life food is, rather than whether or not it is safe to eat; whereas “use by” dates are an indicator of health risks, including food poisoning like Salmonella and E.coli, if food is eaten after t… Continue reading

Auto Loans : Look Online Rather Than At Local Dealerships

It used to be standard practice for anyone needing an auto loan to be at the mercy of the car dealership, who would often only offer credit at non-beneficial lending terms The finance manager at the dealership would know that they had the upper-hand and would take full advantage of it, especially once someone has already set their heart on a particular vehicle This problem was even worse before the advent of the Internet because driving around, assuming he even had a car, to all the various dealerships to see what was available was much more work than car shopping on the net… Continue reading

Is Debt Consolidation a Good Way to Become Debt-Free?

Debt consolidation refers to obtaining a loan and rolling all outstanding debts into that loan Instead of making monthly payments to various creditors, borrowers instead pay one monthly payment to one creditor

Debt consolidation loans usually require borrowers to use the equity in their home to secure the note… Continue reading

Payday Loans – Bad Credit Payday Loans Offering Help to People With Bad Credit

Individuals living on helps can find it tough to get any loan Hardly any lenders are ready to lend them a hand during their financial crisis in particular when they have a terrible credit record These are individuals who due to their past mistakes or difficulties now hold a extremely low credit score and they face debts, non-payments and at times complete economic failure in due course… Continue reading

Payday Loans – Consider Payday Loans to Deal With Financial Trouble

If you are always short of money and live from payday to payday and face financial problems whenever unpredicted cash crisis crops up, consider payday loans for you to deal with your financial trouble Any person can go through financial emergency anytime, as it is uncertain Payday loans are fast and suitable loan help to meet any small financial crisis between two successive paydays… Continue reading

Payday Loans – Simple and Hassle-free Online Loan Option to Deal With Unexpected Money Problems

Are you on the lookout for a significant financial instrument to get to the bottom of your several unexpected money problems In that case, seek fast payday loans and get cash on the same day of submitting an application Online process for getting payday loan is incredibly fast, easy and secure… Continue reading

The Basics of Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is a tax that has existed for hundreds of years in countries with English law It is essentially a tax that is levied on documents Historically, the documents were stamped as evidence that the duty had been paid… Continue reading

Using Pivot Points To Profit With Your Forex Robot

If you’re familiar with the concepts of support and resistance, you may have heard of pivot points Pivot points expand on the support and resistance theory, giving traders more important price areas to know about when they trade

Most traders think that support and resistance simply represent just one price area each, but pivot points can give traders three support and three resistance levels to work with and this added information can indeed be quite profitable when you know how to apply it properly… Continue reading

To Hedge Or Not Hedge, That Is The Question For Your Forex Robot

Even rookie forex traders know about hedging You know, limiting your risk and searching for a breakout move by going long and selling short the same currency pair at the same time This is an especially useful strategy to implement with your forex robot once you’ve gotten comfortable with it and gained the necessary knowledge to fiddle with the settings… Continue reading

Narrow Focus Or Wide Exposure: How Many Pairs Should Your Forex Robot Trade?

Although a forex robot may focus on a single pair, you can probably alter its settings to focus on another pair or group of pairs If after altering your forex robot’s settings away from its pair of choice you notice a sustained losing streak or big drawdowns, switch the settings back or find a new forex robot

What Is Better: To Have Options Or Predictability… Continue reading

Payday Loans – Financial Help For Salaried Class People Between Two Successive Paychecks

Are you at times, going through financial crisis between your two successive paychecks Financial troubles are hard to deal with since you require having extra monetary help apart from your regular paycheck Payday loans are the appropriate short term financial help for someone in need… Continue reading

Payday Loan – Perfect Loan Option to Deal With Unexpected Financial Emergencies

Our lives though hectic than before has become much easier and manageable as a result of solving the financial problems faster and easier and the tribute for all such huge developments goes to no one but the loans At the moment there is an extensive range of loans that are accessible in the financial market that one does not even have to wait more than 24 working hours for getting a certain loan amount approved Of these one such loan type that has made the most impact on and helped a number of people till now are certainly the payday loans or at times also called cash advance loans… Continue reading

Payday Loans – Fast Cash Loan Option For Salaried Class People

The name payday loans itself is suggestive that it is planned in such a way so as to help the people who are just not able to deal with all their expenses with the monthly earnings they take home At times, you might need additional money to meet the unexpected monetary needs that crop up between two consecutive paydays Payday loans are the best way to get fast cash to meet all the needs… Continue reading

Make Money Through Online Teaching

Some say that the teachers are the ones who really make less money or are underpaid when one looks at their credentials or qualifications There are very few teachers who make more money than an IT professional or a corporate person Such teachers are in abundance in countries like India, Pakistan and other few Asian countries… Continue reading

Make Money Through Consulting Jobs

Making money through consulting work is the in thing now This is a very easy way of making some real good money This job would also give a kind of satisfaction to the job consultant for having provided a job to a person who was in dire need of one… Continue reading

Make Money Through Writing Articles

Writing articles is becoming very popular now and those people who have lots of free time and have a flair for writing are the ones who are really benefiting from this method of making money The following are some of the key facts relating to article writing:

1 Article writing jobs are the best when you get it online as that helps you make more money when compared to the money made by article writers working in an office… Continue reading

Protecting Your Family With Income Protection

I am here to tell you a bit about income protection and how you can protect you and your family in the years ahead Do not leave yourself open to losing it all put income protection in place These days we are all a bit more aware of how easily one can lose everything in a very short period of time… Continue reading

Cash Advance Loans Are Readily Available and Affordable

Proper financial planning is a meticulous job and finances have to be handled with care because whenever a person feels its need he/she can spend according to the requirement because it becomes difficult to run here and there and get humiliated in front of friends or relatives if we need a small amount but again there is a good news, because these days we do not have to run here and there to beg and borrow from any of our friends or relative and get humiliated, rather we can take the assistance from the cash advance lenders who offer loan of a small amount along with some rate of interest… Continue reading

Availing Fast Payday Loan For Financial Emergencies

Now, we can stop thinking to approach a friend or a relative for financial help because these days we do not have to worry if we are not able to arrange for funds from any of our friends or relatives because we can now arrange for the funds taking the financial help from any of the fast pay day loan centers and we also do not have to delay or postpone the essential expense which we have been delaying because of the insufficient funds… Continue reading