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HEALTH AND FITNESS: How strict does your diet need to be?

I have a colleague who follows a very strict semi-vegetarian diet. He eats mostly fruits and vegetables, whole grains (oatmeal, brown rice, and whole wheat pasta), beans (including lentils), and nuts. He limits his consumption of animal products to
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HEALTH AND FITNESS: Is organic food healthier?

Organic food, including produce, milk and meat, are becoming more popular among consumers each year. In fact, sales of organic foods now account for almost $26 billion per year, up from $1 billion just 20 years ago. There are many reasons to account ….. Continue reading

Fit Vs. Fat: Which ‘Healthy’ Foods Are Really Packing On The Pounds

Health and fitness expert Jennifer Cohen visited the KCAL9 studios Tuesday to show viewers “healthy” foods that pack on the…/fit-vs-fat-which-healthy-foods-are-r… Continue reading

15 Things We Never Knew About Health And Fitness

<strong>Foods for a Good Mood</strong> Certain foods and vitamins can actually help elevate your mood and alleviate some symptoms of mild depression. Among the most beneficial foods to lift your spirits are dark chocolate, salmon and dark-c… Continue reading – The Benifit Of Women Ab Workout Routines

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Stress OF Aging – Don’t Let It Add Years On! | Gnet Health and Fitness

Amongst this sea of lotions and potions, two comparable products that profess to offer affordable and effective anti aging solutions are Dermology and Revitol Anti-Aging Creams. They both claim to reduce signs of aging by: Diminishing the …Gnet Healt… Continue reading

No six pack for Mahesh

… is training to improve his health and fitness levels and not to sport six pack abs. … six pack abs by the end of this year for a special scene in Sukumar's movie.See all stories on this topic » Continue reading

Can a Wi-Fi-Enabled Bathroom Scale Help You Lose Weight …

With the Fitbit Aria, you're not just purchasing a set of connected bathroom scales, you're buying into an entire health and fitness system.See all stories on this topic » Continue reading

Working out without fear

It is, however, important to understand that not everyone has the same level of fitness and health — so each individual has to create an exercise regime based on his baseline health and fitness level. Doing so will prevent untoward injury and even ….. Continue reading

Health and fitness faq: The 20 top fitness questions, on subjects such as …

Pilates is a form of mat exercises developed by a man named Joseph Pilates 80-90 years ago. You will do core exercises to strengthen and slim down legs, abdominals, back and gluteus maximus. Flexibility is very important to reduce injury during your ….. Continue reading

10 summer fitness goals all men should aim for in 2012 – Health and …

Summer's here (well, sort of), so it's a good time to rejuvenate your fitness regime. Make the good (well, sort of) weather an excuse to get out of a fitness rut, …… Continue reading

Fitness and Weight Loss Expert Kyle Hanson Joins Local Dubuque, Iowa Gym

Fitness and weight loss are popular in every city, especially Dubuque, Iowa. Local fitness expert, Kyle Hanson, has joined Signature Health and Fitness to use his unique style of weight loss training and muscle building to help local gym members.See al… Continue reading

Stairway to heaven

Here's how you can use stairs to make a change in your fitness and health: If you're getting started in your health and fitness regime, make sure you're doing more than just going for a casual walk while waving to the neighbours.See all sto… Continue reading

flat stomach exercises | New Health and Fitness

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OurGangof7: Day 3 of the Health and Fitness Regime – 2nd day …

Day 3 of the Health and Fitness Regime – 2nd day results AND Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere! We are on to Day 3, we have today and tomorrow left of the ……/day-3-of-health-and-fitness-regi… Continue reading

Your Personal Health and fitness Regime | jainanet blog site review

You can certainly start a health and fitness regime, and then run out of enthusiasm. Which has a busy work arrange, and an just as busy social lifestyle, it's a … Continue reading

Easiest Way to Lose Weight

A breakthrough Easiest Way to Lose Weight system, originally highly guarded by bodybuilders and people within the anorexic Continue reading

Do people really live to 100 years old?

If you are in the baby boom generation or my generation, Generation X, are attentive and ask: How will I spend my last years? What do you think your health is really what you want? These are very important questions to ask and, above all, now must correct the bad behavior, you can your later … Continue reading

Fresh Start Fitness – Get a jump on health program – get rich from home

<p> most people in the mid-Atlantic region and the rest of the nation feel that their fitness is not at its best. Yet many of these same people who haven 't have the time or expertise to really start to change this fact. How many of us have registered for the gym, do not go … Continue reading

get rich from home – Team Beachbody Review – Is Team Beachbody a Superior MLM Opportunity?

Ever want to open a new business and be supplied all the leads you would ever want? You can with Team Beachbody! Team Beachbody is rapidly becoming the leading business in total fitness and health because of to its progressive marketing hard work. Team Beachbody History Carl Daikeler, the current CEO of Beachbody was also … Continue reading