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Will Lap Band Surgery Keep You Thin? It Depends.

Until that happens and a person includes regular exercise and eats primarily whole health foods that they prepare most of the time, a Lap Band is just a band aide. I have a wonderful article with a video that explains all the various weight loss
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Dr. Oz investigates vitamin injections, concocts vitamin cocktail recipe

Dr. Mehmet Oz investigates one of the hottest controversies in the health field in his show airing June 6: Vitamin injections. Are they safe and effective methods of curing fatigue, speeding up weight loss and even slowing aging? Or are they dangerous
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Fitness comes First: Column

Vitamin D even optimizes your body’s ability to absorb other important weight-loss nutrients, especially calcium. When your body lacks calcium, it can experience up to a fivefold increase in the fatty acid synthase, an enzyme that converts calories
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Weight Loss and Selecting Healthy Foods

This week we continue our journey in weight loss, talking about selecting healthy foods. The single biggest reason why so many Americans are overweight and sick is because we are eating refined and processed foods. These foods are lacking in vitamins,
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Chart a healthy food plan

The Mediterranean Diet is a way of cooking and eating rather than a diet. It is possibly one of the best for weight loss and overall health benefit. Olive oil, nuts, seeds, legumes, fish, fruits and vegetables are the therapeutic ingredients in the
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The Hindu

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10 Foods for Weight Loss that You Should Have in Your Fridge

Making wholesome health decisions cannot get any tougher. The so-called healthy foods that you have in your fridge may actually conceal their sinister back label secrets in tiny prints, rendering you totally oblivious of how much sugar, sodium, and
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Hive Health Media (blog)

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Insightful Diet Guidelines

I know that people are not looking for unhelpful advice, so I am going to mention African Mango. You may or may not have read about the African mango extract before, I don’t know. But if you are trying to diet, you could benefit immensely from the use of this pill. I have heard talk […]

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Ooh La La Anti-Aging & Wellness Center | St. Louis

Dr. Kristen Jacobs and her patient Elizabeth Carter are showing us some of the weight-loss options at Ooh La La Anti-Aging & Wellness…/Ooh-La-La-Anti-Aging–Wellness-Center-… Continue reading

Stop Aging with 17 Day Diet’s Dr. Mike in Men’s Fitness

Since its debut in 2010, the book has grown in to a brand where you can apply Dr. Mike Moreno’s 17 Day principles to weight loss, cooking, and even slowing the effects of aging. This month, get some insight on his 17 Day Diet Plan to Stop Aging in Men
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Vitamins & Supplements: Best Vitamins for Energy, Weight Loss …

No matter how you want to get healthier, you’ll find the best selection of vitamins & supplements at Shop for Andrew Lessman vitamins for women
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Shocking Food Autopsies: Your Favorite "Healthy" Foods, Exposed!

Everyone knows the formula for weight loss: Eat healthier, get exercise. So why do so many people need help with it? As I point out in my new book, Eat to Lose, Eat to Win, when you put many “healthy” foods under a nutritional magnifying glass, you… Continue reading

Grocery shopping tips for diabetes planning

The goals would also include food quantities and choices that contribute to a healthy body weight. For weight loss, this means enjoying "extras" (foods or beverages high in sugar, refined carbs, and/or fat; foods that do not fit into a health… Continue reading

How To Go From Calorie Clueless To Calorie Competent

How To Go From Calorie Clueless To Calorie Competent By Tom Venuto Why is it that any time you hear the words “calorie counting” or “food journaling”, people start running for the hills? If creating menus, counting calories and keeping a food journal are research-proven, effective tools for nutrition awareness, education, motivation and accountability […] Continue reading

Nutrition Label Lies & Loopholes – Serving Size Sleight of Hand

Nutrition Label Lies & Loopholes: Serving Size Sleight of Hand By Tom Venuto For years, concerned consumers and watchdog organizations have been screaming that the U.S. labeling laws are full of loopholes and in need of serious revision. After years of talk, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says they’re planning to so something […] Continue reading

Once an Endomorph Always an Endomorph – Can Your Body Type Change?

Once an Endomorph Always an Endomorph? (Can Your Body Type Change?) By Tom Venuto Are you an ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph body type? To maximize your results, regardless of whether your goal is fat loss or muscle gain, it’s helpful to know your body type and adjust your approach according to your type. But […] Continue reading

Its Not About the Body Fat

It’s Not About the Body Fat By Tom Venuto How they lost 100 lbs or more is a topic that always gets a lot of attention and is very popular in the media. Whenever someone loses a lot of weight, there is always buzz from those who were inspired by hearing about these huge […] Continue reading

An Insanely Effective Type of Interval Training

An Insanely Effective Type of Interval Training By Tom Venuto High intensity interval training can be done in a variety of different ways. Here’s a wickedly-effective type of interval training: it requires no machines or fancy equipment, you can do it outside in the sunshine and fresh air, it develops killer conditioning, carves out […] Continue reading

The Truth About Fast Weight Loss

The Truth About Fast Weight Loss By Tom Venuto WEIGHT LOSS POP QUIZ: What are 3 things that ALL 8 of these advertisements have in common? “Burn 30 lbs in 3 weeks – no diet!” “Lose 9 Pounds Every 11 Days!” “Lose a pound a day without diet or exercise!” “Lose 2 pounds a […] Continue reading

Why Cardio Doesn’t Work For Some People – A NEAT Explanation

Why Cardio Doesn’t Work For Some People – A NEAT Explanation By Tom Venuto At the Burn the Fat Inner Circle member forums, I get a question which comes up with alarming frequency: “Why isn’t my cardio working?” Despite not only doing regular cardio for weeks, but actually increasing the duration of her workouts, […] Continue reading

Proper Nutrition For Six Pack Abs | The High Lyphe

Berries, in general, are great abs diet foods for women and men. Berries are rich in antioxidants and help in weight loss and detox. Here is one quick abs diet ……/proper-nutrition-pack-abs/ Continue reading